Reasons Why Cats Make Great Pets

Nothing compares to the excitement of going home to a furry companion. Many people have attested that having a pet gives many benefits on a day to day basis. If you are someone contemplating whether to get a pet or not, you better read this article. You probably have two major choices, a dog or a cat. Well, both are great companions. However, if you are almost deciding on getting a dog, you must give cats a chance. This article will give you the reasons why cats are the best pet you can have. Below are the great benefits of choosing a cat:

Cats Are Low Maintenance

Compared to dogs, cats are relatively easy to be taken care of. Well, don’t get it wrong, cats still need good care. However, they do not need to be taken on walks. You only need to provide them with clean litter trays so that they can do their business. Plus, cats also won’t make you feel guilty whenever you have a long day of errand to make. They can take care of themselves.  As long as they have access to fresh water and food, they are good to go.

You Can Take Great Photos

Cats are not only cute, but they also have beautiful fur, not to mention their expressive eyes. There is a reason why cats are always featured in films. They are just very photogenic. On the internet, pictures of cute cats are circulating. This is because they also possess adorable personalities that humans are fond of. These cute personalities also are mostly captured in photos because their facial expressions are so consistent. Most characters in cartoon movies and books are cats because of their amusing and appealing behavior. One great example of a book is William and Tibby Forever by Lynda Hamblen. The narrative of this book will surely touch your heart. It gives readers a glimpse of a cat’s view of life on earth and in heaven. It also gives you great adventures and heroic rescues. You sure want to get this book and join William and Tibby with their journey.

Ideal for Small Spaces

If you want your peace and quiet, cats should be the first on your list. Well, adult meowing is in nature, but they are not too loud for the ears. They are perfect if you are living in a building complex. They will be less likely to wake up neighbors, and no complaints will be reported against you. They are also ideal if you have a small space, there is no reason for you to be worried. Cats are responsible as pets. They are easy to house train. You can litter train them with simple procedures. They can be trained as early as possible. Some of them don’t even need to be taught. 

They Are Great as Stress Reliever

Cats are always there for you. You can always rely on them whenever you feel like you need a companion. They are loyal, sweet, and kind to their owners. Most fur parents probably already know this, but cats seem to know whenever their owners are going through something. They have the best ability to calm people and lower their stress levels. Just by petting their fluffy hair, you get this soothing effect. 

Keeps Your House Free from Pests

Aside from your cat being clean, they also help your house clean and free from all the unwanted pests— be it mice or bugs. They are hardwired to hunt and stalk their prey. Their presence alone can be enough to scare these pests aways. Their scents have a lot to do with these aspects. 

Helps You Learn Responsibility

Just like any other owner of a certain pet, cats will teach you how to be responsible. You will have something to take care of. Cats will prepare you for more future responsibilities. If you have kids, cats should be the first pet you should make them have. They will know how to commit to feeding them and just overall taking care of them. It will not only teach them responsibilities, but also other valuable lessons in life, which they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. One more thing that having pets can teach children is connecting with others. They will learn how to build healthy friendships because of bonding with a cat.

Overall, you deserve to have a companion in life that will be there for you through everything. If you want to start off easy and calm, cats should be the first on your list. Hopefully, this article has helped you decide to adopt a cat for yourself. 



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