The other day, I went walking with David in the woods to look for turkeys. Walking in the woods calls for my walking boots, so I asked David drag them out of the foyer closet for me. I bought them to wear on walks with Tibby and Elvira around the perimeter of our back field.
     On our strolls I looked for leaf buds in spring, mulberries and blackberries in the summer, persimmons and walnuts in the fall, and silence in the winter. Tibby and Elvira followed a short distance behind, sniffing for beasties real and imaginary, even after Elvira lost a front leg. I stopped the walks several years ago when coyotes moved into the area and put the books away..
     With sadness for all that had once been but that would never be again, I pulled on the boots and set out with David.                                                                                                                               

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