Catastrophic downfalls! Heroic rescues! Daring catnappings! William and Tibby Forever depicts these and many other fur raising events in the lives of William and Tibby, two cats who live with their beloved Second Mom and her Hon in a small, gray house on a hill. In spite of vets and vaccinations, cat carriers, and beasts lurking in the garage, William's and Tibby's lives are as close to idyllic as a cat’s life can be. But when William is killed, their idyll is shattered.

When William next opens his eyes, he is in Heaven. Before the hour is out, he has moved in with Third Mom, her Sweetie Pie, and all thirteen of Second Mom's previous cats. There William strives to earn his halo. This undertaking involves coping with the eccentricities of the other cats, resisting the temptations of Third Mom's pet rabbits and chickens, and making peace with the terrible Hon. Meanwhile, Tibby must contend not only with her grief for William but also with an indomitable kitten named Elvira. And when an illness threatens Elvira’s life, the entire family must pull together to save her. From their experiences, William and Tibby find that life holds joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, leave-taking and reunion. They learn that whenever there is an ending, there is also a beginning.

William and Tibby Forever is a heartwarming story about the love of a mother for her children, the love of a man for a woman, and the love of that woman for her cats. It is a story about life that never ends and love that never dies.

Excerpt 1:

William and Tibby were convinced that every time the beasts roared out of sight, it was with the intention of devouring their occupants. Thankfully, however, the beasts always thought better of their behavior and returned with their prey unharmed. The cats were waiting for the day, though, when one of the beasts failed to do so. They could only hope that when that day came it was the man and not Second Mom who was eaten.

Excerpt 2:

As soon as Second Mom had departed, Tibby availed herself of the opportunity to sit in Hon's recliner. It was there that Elvira, strolling through the room a few minutes later, found her. Stopping in mid-stride, she gaped in disbelief. Hon's recliner was strictly off limits. Tibby spied Elvira at about the same time that Elvira spied her. Yawning nonchalantly, she said, "Come on up. I need to talk to you." Shaking her head, Elvira backed away a few steps, squeaking, "I thought we weren't supposed to sit in Hon's chair. Tibby eyed Elvira scornfully. "Silly, the rules don't count if there's no one here to scold us or yell and smack a newspaper at us. We can do whatever we want then."
Elvira had never thought of rules from that perspective before.

Excerpt 3:

To show their displeasure at such intrusions, she and Tibby usually disappeared into the bath cabinet that Second Mom left open for them all the time. They hoped she might eventually take the hint and banish anyone that advanced farther than her front door, but so far she hadn't. She and Tibs often wondered how Second Mom would feel if they invited a houseful of cats to visit them, and to have a little peace, she and Hon were forced to flee to the bathroom cabinets!

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