Must-Read Books with Cats as Main Characters

If you are someone who loves cats, you also would like to read about them. These kinds of books are very helpful to make you relax and forget about the world. Reading about cats can be the best way for you to relax. Cat personalities are adorably dominant that they can pull off any characters. They are the protagonists or the villain. Books that feature cats in them always make the narrative better than those books that do not. If you are looking for great books to read starring cats, this article is just for you. The tales below are ones that will surely engage and entertain you.

The Cat’s Maw by Brooke Burgess

This story is best for both children and adults. It follows the story of a boy who got hit by a car for following a cat across the street. He got hit by a car, breaking his leg. The same cat appeared at his bedside and he got the weirdest dreams of watchers and shadows and all sorts. He was too afraid to tell his parents about his crazy dreams. He felt like he is cursed as following unfortunate events kept on happening to him. He knew that his parents were keeping secrets from him because of his dreams. This novel is for someone who likes an action pack, mystery, and of course, cats. This book serves as a treat for all of the cat lovers out there.

William and Tibby Forever by Lynda Hamblen

If you want to read something lighter with a little bit of drama, William and Tibby Forever by Lynda Hamblen is just the book you are looking for. It started off all fun and games for the two cats, William and Tibby. They have surely lived an idyllic life in the hands of a loving and caring woman. However, all these were shattered when William was killed. This book is ideal for both young and adult cat lovers. It gives them perspective about the possibilities of life every lost pet. The narrative of the story will surely move you, bringing a genuine smile to your face.

Jennie by Paul Gallico

This next book will also pertain to the previous one, as this book will make you ball your eyes out. This story follows Peter, a young boy who got hit by a car. When he woke up, he turned into a cat. The whole narrative of the story will take you to the life of peter as a cat as he meets another cat named Jennie. This book receives a lot of praise from its readers because of its beautiful story. The lessons that this tale will bring will surely make a mark on every reader’s hearts and surely, will bring with them to a lifetime.

Catalyst and Catacombs by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Catalyst and Catabombs is a series focusing on Barque Cats. This tale is a unique one. It includes spaceships that carry a ship’s cat. They have a mission to alert human crew members to possible human hazards. You can find a lot of human humans in both of the books. The first book introduces us to Chessie, the brave and majestic Barque Cat who gives birth to Chester. The protagonist feline is also introduced, and whose story we follow the second book Catacombs. This book will surely give you a different vibe from the previous ones. It is a different sci-fi book that can give you excitement and adventure.

The Wild Road and The Golden Cat by Gabriel King

This duology gives various themes to its story. It follows a house kitten tag. He finds himself having haunting dreams with the weirdest messages from an elderly cat, Majicou. Majicou tells Tag that he needs to bring the king and queen of cats to Tintagel, . Thus, Tag leaves his comfortable life and home and goes through the Wild Road, a magical highway known only to animals. This is a story of magic and mysticism, loyalty, and courage, as a group of feline friends set out to defend something. This book will surely leave you flipping through pages non-stop.

All in all, the books mentioned above are just some of about cats that features a really good narrative. Hopefully, you got something out of this blog. Now, go to your nearest book store start binge-reading them!



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