The Dos and Don’ts Every Cat Owner Should Know

Whether it’s your first time being a cat parent, or you’ve been one since childhood, you should know what to do and what not to do. Cats have a unique personality than other animals. These personalities make them adorable. However, it would help if you also considered knowing how to deal with these personalities. If you adore cats and want to know more about their characteristics, a book about the eccentricities of the other cats by Hamblen is ideal for you. Making an effort to understand their qualities and characteristics will make them feel comfortable and safer. Here are some dos and don’ts every cat owner should know:

Do Study Their Body Language

Studying their body language will help you understand them better. This is how you can communicate with your cat. You need to understand that cats can communicate with you non-verbally, but it can sometimes be puzzling. They have been known to be mysterious pets for centuries now, primarily because they have silent language, except for the meows. Since cat speaks with a complex mix of body movement, you should learn how to understand them through it predominately.

Don’t Let Them Roam Everywhere

It would be best if you had a safe place for cats to roam around. This is so that you can keep them safe. Ensure that the safe place is cool enough for them. If you are out, especially in the summer, you need to ensure that you leave the cat with proper ventilation. However, as you decide where to put this safe place, you should make sure that you have a window perch to survey their surroundings. Usually, they want to see what’s going on outdoors.

Do Groom Your Cat

Many cat owners do not know this, but cats should also be groomed, such as brushing their teeth. It should be easier to accomplish if you start doing this while they are still kittens once they grow old. With clean teeth, cats can avoid specific health issues as they grow older. One way to keep them hygienic is by cleaning their litter box every single day. You already know that cats are clean freaks; they want everything to be neat and clean.

Don’t Give Them Bad Treats

One of the most tempting things cat owners experience is the urge to give pets human food. Doing this can risk the cat for weight gain. They must maintain a healthy weight since it keeps them healthy and strong. Eventually, they can live a longer life than their supposed to. Give them a balanced diet by researching cat healthy cat food. Another way to help them achieve this is by keeping them active.

Do Play with Your Cat More Often

The next point would help your cat keep a healthy and active lifestyle. When you are out all day for work, you need to make sure that you give attention to them when you have time. When you play with your cat, they tend to move around, giving them good exercise. More often than usual, they will likely also keep a happy life. You should also let them out sometimes, only if you are sure they have access to safety outside. Being trapped inside the house is not also great for them, so let them explore.

Do Go to Vet Check-Ups

You need to make sure that you have an annual appointment with the vet to keep your cat healthy. However, if you have older cats already, you should consider visiting the vet twice a year. As studies show, cats are good at hiding illnesses, so you need to ensure that every part of their body is well. Physical exam and bloodwork can do.

Don’t Deprive them Of Water

Always give your cat access to water. Just like humans, cats require themselves to stay hydrated, especially in dry weather. To make it easy for them, you should prepare two access water bowls inside the house. If you encourage your cat to drink water, you can help them flush out toxins from the kidneys. A fun way to make this happen is by purchasing a water fountain for them since they love playing with running water.

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