“Paw”-some Characteristics of Cats You Should Know

Imagine being in a world without cats? It would be a little less fun and wonderful. Cats have their own way of contributing happiness and life not just to the planet but also to the worlds of humans. From their furry bodies to their captivating eyes, they can definitely make every little thing in life more bearable and beautiful. For some, they may just be another species that make up the animal kingdom, but for others, they are more than just animals or pet because they are home.

Cat person or not, you probably have witnessed some strange but amazing actions done by these felines. You may find them either confusing or cute. But there are more pawsome things about cats that are waiting to be discovered, like the following:

They see the world in differently

Cats, literally, perceive the word differently. Their visions are inversely proportional to their hoomans. While humans have 20/20 vision to see clearly, cats can only see the world in a blur due to their 20/100 to 20/200 vision. When it comes to their color vision, they can be compared to people who are color blind. Shades of blue and green are visible to them, but pink and red hues may confuse their eyes. Moreover, the way they view the world at night is definitely 10 times better than the day. They are known to have amazing vision in the dark due to the high amount of rods found in their retina, which are deemed to be sensitive when lights are dim.

They are naturally sleepy balls of fur

Can you recall a day when your cat hasn’t slept? You cannot, can’t you? Well, that being a sleepyhead is one defining trait of a cat. What makes this characteristic awesome is the deeper meaning behind it. Cats are really in love with sleeping. They can sleep all day long or take long naps randomly. However, they are not totally sleeping because some of them are snoozing. There is nothing wrong with sleepy balls of fur. According to Christine O’Brien in the article Cat Napping: Why Your Cat Likes to Sleep, enough sleep is significant in the well-being, lastingness, and mood of cats, so if there are any alterations in the pattern of their sleep, one must be worried because it may indicate that your cat is sick.

They have multiple ways of showing affection

Sometimes cats are viewed as less affectionate than dogs. But the truth is, they are just not showy. Their ways in showing their love to their hoomans are just low-key, which you can see in their body language. Cats do not wag their tails when you come home, instead they will swing their tails to touch your feet or fix their tails vertically with a little curve at the top. That is one of their ways of saying that they are happy to see you. Additionally, cats cannot talk so they cannot verbally say “I love you.” All they do is purr in order to let you know that they are delighted with the bond that you are having and that they are contented with it.

Have you ever experienced being starred by cats? If you did, then way to go hooman! Please know that when cats make a direct and long eye contact with you, it doesn’t mean that they are plotting to scratch or bite you. Instead, they are showing you that they like you and will even make eye kisses.

They groom themselves

When dogs love playing in the mud and everything outdoors, cats — except for wild and stray cats, prefer being indoors. They are most likely known to sleep and lick themselves. The latter is surprisingly their way of grooming themselves. Cats are adaptable and strategic felines that are crazy over hygiene. Thus, they use their paws to comb their furs and other parts of their bodies for their self-care session. Cats normally groom themselves in order to maintain their temperature, keep the cleanliness of their fur, get rid of parasites and other infections, and more. But when you observe that they over or under groom, you must be alarmed because it is an unusual behavior that may lead to diseases.   .

Hence, there is no doubt why there are many wonderful books — like William and Tibby Forever by Lynda Hamblen, Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkens, and The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide, were created that were inspired and are featuring this kind of feline. Indeed, cats are really wonderful and pawsome animals that will truly give you comfort, warmth, and positivity!

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