The Art of Meditation with Cats

At stressful and isolating times of our lives, we turn to activities that will entertain us and bring peace and harmony. One activity is meditation; it is a simple practice that anyone can do to promote calmness and happiness. Meditation may seem like an activity where you allow your thoughts to wander. It isn’t about trying to empty your mind as well. Instead, it is about paying close attention to the present moment, especially your thoughts, emotions, and sensations. 

Meditation is a good practice that you can do on your own. But did you know that you can meditate better with your pet? Specifically, your cat? Our beloved pet cats bring comfort to our lives; however, they have many more to offer you. If you don’t know, cats are masters of mindfulness which is the point of meditation. 

There have been numerous benefits from just being with your pet, and many people can testify to that. For instance, Author and proud cat mom, Lynda Hamblen. William and Tibby Forever may be storytelling about the life on earth and in heaven by Lynda Hamblen’s pet cats, but it shares the impact of cats on a person’s life, health, body, and mind. So, imagine the wonders pet cats can bring you when you meditate together. Practicing mindfulness with your furry friend puts you in an even better mood, therefore, boosting well-being even more, likewise to these furry felines. 

Practicing meditation with your cat is an exciting experience. This meditation practice could blossom into a time for sharing compassion with your cat more easily in all areas of your life. Today, this post will expound on the art of this shared meditation. 

Harmonize Energy

When meditating, you are in a state of calm, peace, and passiveness. Your mind will focus, widen awareness, and your thoughts redirected. In fact, you’ll feel more present instead of feeling lost in thought. You can sense your energy as a dancing presence, flowing freely and lighting dark paths. In other words, the physical boundaries are removed. The energy from meditation isn’t bound to yourself, but it can merge with your pet cat. This is called the energetic connection between pet and owner. It may be subtle but a powerful one. Because pets are not distracted by a barrage of thoughts and concerns, they can be more aware than you and perceive energy differently. Shared meditation deepens your understanding between you and your pet through harmonizing and attuning both of your energy. 

Thrive Daily 

Most people work when inspiration hits, as we are not a creature of habit. On the other hand, our feline friends have a natural inclination to the rhythms of nature. They have a daily routine to help them stay more balanced and healthier overall. This is something you can benefit from meditating with your pet cat. Having a daily meditation practice allows you to commit to your work daily. Spending at least 5-15 minutes every morning will prep you for the day and make you happy the entire time. Meditation and keeping a daily routine is a form of self-care that will help you thrive. Keep meditating with your pet, and you’ll be reaping tremendous rewards in no time. 

Strengthen Bonds

Some cats are a little more aloof than others. Despite the efforts most cat owners make, it’s hard to bond with them. Cats can form secure or insecure bonds with their owners. There are plenty of reasons behind this, one of which is the lack of ability of cat owners in creating a truly safe environment for them to flourish. With that, cats— mostly rescued cats— begin to feel and act from a place of insecurity and fear. Through shared meditation, you can create safety and trust, which will strengthen your bonds. This practice will build their confidence in you, lessen their fears, and be more grounded. 

Bridge Communication

Meditation is to become mindful, and being mindful entails paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally. It allows us to be more open and compassionate with ourselves and others and change the way we communicate. That’s because by meditating, you learn not only to speak clearly but also to become more responsive instead of reactive. It is important to every cat who desires to bond to know your intentions, whether it is peace or harmony. However, we know that there is a communication barrier between animals and humans. In the silence of meditation, you can freely communicate your intentions as your pet can feel it through a vibrational level. Sitting in silence and holding them gently is another way to communicate with them. So, without further ado, take a few minutes to tune in to your energy and unite with your beloved pet. 

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